Addressing Coder Shortage

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In these modern times software has become the cornerstone of every business’ operations, and finding coders to support your business is more difficult than ever before.

Utah is quickly becoming America’s tech startup capital and is harshly feeling the impact of the lack of available technical talent and are falling victim to high-cost coders, job jumping, and inexperienced coders. The problem desperately needs a solution. So what are the answers to addressing coder shortage?

A Utah company, Botegga, is getting to the root of the problem. They are the Nation’s leading accredited school for software engineering. For the last three years, they’ve been teamed up with the non-profit, Success in Education, teaching high schools students coding fundamentals through a program called Code to Success. This is a six-week summer program aimed at giving high school students a taste for software development while inspiring a deep interest in tech space.

Going at the root of the problem is definitely the right long-term solution, but doesn’t necessarily address the immediate need of hitting your current project’s due dates. Addressing this issue requires a shift toward embracing the opportunity of a remote workforce.

Enter, CoderExpansion. Yeah, I know. This is a blog post where readers don’t want to be sold, so I won’t sell. I’ll educate.

The fear of using a remote workforce centers around the challenges of ensuring performance and productivity from a distance, and that is a valid concern. Not all coders can discipline themselves to work productively. At CoderExpansion, we provide office space to our coders, giving them the professional work environment necessary to maintain focus and attention on their project.

Then next major leap for coders is maintaining high productivity while working from home. Only after proven success in an office environment do we allow spending time home offices. Even then, coders are required to be in the office for a minimum of one week each month.

We all wish the industry had an abundance of talented coders living in our back yards, but that’s just not the case. While companies like Botegga are addressing the root of the problem, get comfortable with adding remote workings to your coding teams. Only then will you be able to meet your software development demands.